April 12th 2019

Registration and team formation begin. Interested participants would form teams during registration

May 26th 2019

Registration ends

May 26th 2019

Teams will build their prototypes in 4 weeks. The first twenty(20) teams to submit their projects and have it pass the given criteria move to the next round where votes would be done on their behalf.

May 26th 2019

Prototype submission, the first twenty(20) teams to submit their prototypes will be displayed on the leaderboard for voting

June 3rd 2019

Online voting begins! This is done by the general public and the top ten teams with the highest votes advance to the next stage.

June 17th 2019

Online Voting ends. The ten(10) teams with the highest votes will have their solutions accessed by a closed panel of judges who will pick the best five(5) to move to the final stage.

Top five(5) teams improve prototype based on feedback from judges.

Teams make final submission of their projects with their repos

June 29th 2019

Grand finale, pitching of prototypes and announcement of winners.

Think you got the sauce to be our champion?