The Hackathon, How to Apply & Prizes

The Hackathon

Saucecode is a project aimed at discovering and celebrating the finest tech talents in Africa starting with Nigeria. it was conceived to challenge the talents in our ecosystem, encourage programming best practices, promote collaboration, make new role models out of the very best and put Nigeria on the map again.

We are hoping to stir the intellectual fabric of the Nigerian tech ecosystem by promoting competence and excellence. The Saucecode project is about inspiring our continent to groom the number of technical minds required to build our future.

How to Apply

Welcome to the 2020 Saucecode hackathon, this year’s hackathon is unlike any you’ve ever seen. With a limited number of participants closely monitored and mentored to produce the best version on a scalable MVP. You can’t register right now, but here are the few informations you need to get prepared. Applications will open here on 1st of October - 26th of October.

Rules for applying.

  1. Team Application: A team lead would apply and invite team members.
  2. Hackathon focus would be around Health, Fintech and Education.
  3. All team members have to create an account on as this would be the medium for passing out information to the public.
  4. You need at least one female in the team, with a maximum of 4 people in a team and a minimum of 3.
  5. You need to make a post about your team and what you’ll be doing on, this could be from just a brief introduction about your teammates to the solution you are proposing (You do not have to go into details)
  6. If you’re having problems with any part of your solution and you need help from experts and the public, you can write it in a post on, share the post on twitter and tag @saucecodexyz
  7. All team members will be on the hackathon Slack. The Slack naming convention will be FirstName/TeamName example Janet/Soundwave-tracker-team.
  8. All solutions would be hosted and deployed on

We recommend that you start getting your team together right now, start documenting your problem statement and visualizing your ideas.

The Prizes

Asides pitching opportunities to potential investors and prospective employers at the grand finale, the Winning team gets :

  1. A New MacBook Pro for the members of the winning team.

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