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My Quiz

Due to the ranging problem of students having access to practice questions / exams with well detailed answers and explanations, we are proposing MyQuiz which will help students get access to a large database of questions/quizzes.

My Quiz also serve as an medium where people can share questions / materials with their peers with a unique pin.

We have 3 quiz modes

  • Quiz Mode
  • Practice Mode
  • Exam Mode

General Features:

  • Users can create and share quizzes / exam with a unique pin
  • Users can download resources for the questions( pdfs / images / videos )
  • View Result / Leadership-board of quiz taken
  • Access to a large database of questions/quizzes ranging from academics , technology , programming e.t.c
  • Users can rate or give feedback on a quiz
  • Support for multiple choices options and true/false options
  • Users can share their results with friends on social media

** Other features to be implemented later.

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