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Mental health covers the psychological and emotional well-being of a person. Everyone has some risk of developing a mental health disorder. This could be a result of stress, trauma, grief or social impacts. With the rising rate of depression in Nigeria and suicidal thoughts, there is a need to help people through these moments – this led to the ideation of our project for Nigerians.


Relivv is a mental health app, that creates a community for users and volunteers. The volunteers are experts in handling psychological disorders, and are willing to help people of various age brackets, cultural backgrounds and levels of education. When people feel like talking to someone – anytime, they can always log in to the app and book a free but private online session with any volunteer of their choosing.

Bookings are saved and added to the calendar on the app so that prior to the due time, notifications are sent to remind both parties of the scheduled session. The sessions could be held in form of chats, video or voice calls, depending on users, who as well have the right to stay anonymous if they don’t feel confident in sharing their identities.


Being aware that some cases could be urgent or some questions may want to be asked immediately, queries can be sent to volunteers, who will receive them and respond as soon as possible. Users do not have to book a session to achieve this. Also, there is an online library that contains health books and journals, which could meet the specific need of a person.


Relivv is aimed to help people live through an experience they’ve had. Make them feel whole and loved again. Get them back to their feet and have them see the beauty in their lives. It is an online community that will care, not just once but always!


Should a person wish to donate to the community, provisions are made on the app for such freewill.

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