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Conofarms is a web application solution that bridges the gap between farmers and their peers as well as customers.

ConoFarms aims to solve two problems; 
First, the lack of communication between farmers. Inadequate communication may cause information poverty which makes farmers suffer amidst plenty. Small-scale farmers most especially are vulnerable to this problem.
Secondly, the gap between farm produce and the final consumers. This problem is common among local farmers. The gap is currently filled mostly by the use of the market. Now, the problem with this is farmers who go to the market to sell in bulk suffer from their products being underpriced and consumers suffer from their purchases being over-priced.

ConoFarms solves the first problem by creating a platform where farmers can register their product, amount of stock,  price, location and be easily accessible to customers. Once registered, farmers’ information will be made available to other farmers and visitors. Personal messages can be sent on the app to farmers to either ask for assistance or place orders for goods.  Farmers would be able to form cooperatives via the mobile application to save cost and share knowledge

The second problem is solved by allowing registered customers to communicate with the farmers directly on the site. This makes it possible for them to place orders and negotiate prices.

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