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Team black is working on a Health Care solution that solves some Problems in the Health Care Management system.
Here are some of the solutions we provide

1) You can get information of different Hospitals, the health care services they offer and their availability Status.

2) You can have an idea of the price tag attached to each hospital services in other to avoid unnecessary surprises.

3) If you are feeling Unwell, you can interact with our AI (Doctor Chat Bot) to give you a better idea of what your sickness might be and also a referrals to a possibly best solution. 
4) You can know the exact location of a hospital you want to visit that offers a specific service.

5) There is a running 24Hours Emergency section that is up incase of medical Emergencies.

6) We offer other service like Certified Pharmacist, Certified Consultancy and Certified Diagnostic Centers for Users.

All Hospitals That would be Available on the App would be Certified and would have provided the necessary information before being on the App.

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