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Problem Statement


Inability to afford fees by a large percentage of people who are interested in getting a good education.It is also difficult for them to access help.


Proposed Solution


A platform where people in need of fees for any kind of school can pitch themselves by showing their capabilities and qualifications. They will be further evaluated to measure their abilities correctly. The platform is built to attract companies, donors, philanthropists or anyone looking to offer loans / scholarships.


Proposed Revenue Channels


Using basic features of the app and pitching yourself will be totally free.


Method 1:


Payment is made by users who wish to upgrade their profiles in order to improve their chances of getting help.


Users have the option to pay for-


●     A rating

●     Improved Reach

●     A platform developed aptitude test


All three can be paid for separately or bundled up in what will be a pro version of the platform.


Method 2:


Companies and other organizations looking to use the platform to get candidates can pay for exclusive access.


Use Cases

●     Students seeking funds to get a degree.

●     Researchers in need of grants to carry out research with promising prospects.

●     NGOs and other donors who wish to help fund anything relating to education. Whether formal or informal.

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