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Medicart is a web application that solves the problem of drug scarcity and the problem of getting medical supplies for surgical and treatment purposes in the case of an emergency in some hospitals. There are some drugs and vaccines that are not readily available in common nearby pharmacies making children and some adults vulnerable to diseases and sometimes even death. and in some cases, people find it difficult to locate nearby pharmacies to their present location.

Medicart solves these problems firstly, by creating a platform where pharmacies register their available drugs choosing from a database of drugs and vaccines on the app as well as the price of the drugs. Buyers can then log in to the web app and see the drugs available, add to cart and place their order and it’ll be delivered to them. Hospitals can also log in to the web app and get their medical supplies immediately without having to leave the hospital.

Secondly, the app has a map feature that runs underground which allows you to find the nearest pharmacies to your location in case you would prefer to go and get it yourself, there would be an advantage of knowing the availability of the drug as well as the price information and the nearest pharmacy to your place before going. And in the case of emergencies, you can use the delivery option as stated above.

Also, the drugs are separated into categories such as Babies/child health, Drugs, Medical supplies, etc, to make your search easier and faster. These categories are further divided into subcategories for specificity and exceptional ease of use.

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