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Our app has one simple goal - to give students who have been sexually abused a plaform to anonymously report the abuse.

According to the article titled 'Sexual Assault against Female Nigerian Students' of the African Journal of Reproductive Health, 13.8% of 286 random students interviewed have reported being sexually abused at least once. Furthermore *affected victims find it difficult to report the issue to appropraite authorities because of the fear of stigmatization and victimization

This presented a compelling opportunity for us to design a platform that allows victims to express themselves safely and report incidents anonymously, without judgment or the fear of stigmatization. We were extremely thoughtful in the design process and we made sure that the app reflects strongly the needs of our prospective users.

For example, our app allows volunteers, lawyers and human right activists et.c to help students get justice on abuse incidents, should they choose to. These volunteers are extensively scrutinized before being allowed on our plaform. We do this to ensure a professional atmposhere with zero victimization.

We believe that by connecting victims of abuse with volunteers ready to take up these cases, we could substantially reduce cases of sexual abuse on Nigerian campuses by making it easy for perpertuators to be identified and brought to justice.





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