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In this age, schooling is done in different ways, among which is the onsite, and remote methods. The arrival of many things, such as COVID-19 has even enforced the remote method of schooling, and brought a temporary pause to the onsite learning model too.

Just as Udemy, Coursera, and other platforms help fill the gap between teachers, and students, who are willing to take courses online, Classbeam bridges the gap between School and Student.

Classbeam is a reliable solution, whch helps school run comfortably online, without glitches, with these amazing features:

  • Secured authentication for students and teachers
  • Separate dashboards for students and teachers
  • Access to video courses 
  • An easy to navigate UI, for ease.
  • Conduction of exams and tests, securely
  • Support, for Nigerian and foreign schools alike.
  • Easy and seamless collation of results

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