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APA reference finding website: an academic web application that uses regular expressions to find and compare all the sources cited in an article (journal, thesis and so on) with the list of references found in the bibliography section. It also finds references along with the text associated with it and displays the uploaded document in HTML format. It was developed to ease research and documentation in the education sector.


  • The application only works for papers written with the APA format.
  • Before you start please note that the website works best with microsoft word documents(.docx), the document view is very clean, generating result is much faster than pdf and the result is more accurate. It also works with Pdf and txt documents.
  • Click Get started on the website header to get started.
  • If you are not logged in, the webpage will be redirected to the login page. Login or create an account(signup) to access the website.
  • Upload a new document, writing a description is optional.
  • After uploading you can view the results by clicking on the title of the document you just uploaded directly under 'Your History'.
  • You can choose the result you want to see on the Sidebar. SideNOTE: pdf document view is terrible, so it was removed.


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