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PRODUCT SUMMARY: A PLATFORM WHERE STUDENTS AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS CAN ANONYMOUSLY REVIEW SCHOOLS AND THEIR MANAGEMENT The Problem: It is one thing to rant, it is another for us to be clear about what the shared understanding of a ‘good school’ is. Suggested scoring criteria include quality of infrastructure, faculty, effectiveness etc. The solution needs to be able to allow for anonymous reporting of issues e.g sexual harassment, extortion, the method of teachers, trainers, lecturers and must be very practical and easy to scale in Nigeria.


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We have created a solution to help students and individuals report and review schools (majorly higher institutions). We created a rating system to help them rate schools in different categories including quality of infrastructure, faculty and lectures received. Users can sign up and review school anonymously if they wish. Users can also report schools as anonymous.

We have named this solution EDURATE. Edurate will help prospective undergraduates to determine the best higher institution for them to attend. It will also help the government and the general public to understand what is going on in a school and what is actually needed to improve a school

We used HTML, PHP, SQL, and Javascript to develop this solution.