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PRODUCT SUMMARY: BIRTH SPACING APP The problem: HOW CAN WE USE TECHNOLOGY TO HELP WOMEN WITH BIRTH SPACING? Many women in Nigeria practice birth spacing using contraceptive injections. However, these injections only last for a few months. Many women forget to get their injection regularly and this massively reduces the effectiveness of the contraception. How could you develop a system to ensure that reminds women when they are due for another injection? Also, how could use that system to educate women of the alternatives that are available to them? If we can provide innovative reminders to the women using 3 months injection, we can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancy and as a result, we can also reduce the number of death by unsafe abortion.


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My app deals with checking the safe period of women to avoid unwanted pregnancy and their is a chatbot present to educated them about how to control unwanted pregnancy and their is an activity to make use of reminder to check the next safe period.

The Chatbot is a pandorabot in which there are frequently asked questions to be answered by the chatbot in case the user has any issue.

The Reminder activity has different functions in which the safe period time set can be repeated monthly and on weekly basis using the repetition interval and it can also be mutable to avoid notifications.