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PRODUCT SUMARY: BANK CUSTOMER UNIQUE IDENTIFIER APP Problem: There is an increasing rate of disappearing funds from customer's bank accounts without their consent or awareness. Create a solution that notifies and prevents unauthorized attempts into bank accounts without a unique identifier.


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The solution is to ensure there is very tight security in customer bank accounts with various level of authentication required. Signing up requires customers to verify that they own the email they provided by sending an activation link to their email, Not getting the activation link signifies that the customer is trying to sign up with a wrong email and fraud is detected and hence such account is not activated.

Once an account is activated, the user can perform a transaction, when trying to perform a transaction, a unique key is sent to the email the user registered with, and the user is asked to verify they own the account by entering the unique key sent to them, failure to provide a unique key typifies a fraud and the user is notified of a failed attempt to perform a transaction and hence advised to change their password. If a valid key is entered, the user is allowed to perform the transaction.

Finally, if a user is trying to sign in with fake credentials (Valid email and wrong password), the real user is sent an email of a failed attempt to login into their account and advised to take an action.