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PRODUCT SUMMARY: SAVE OUR LANGUAGES. The problem: How can we crowdsource the translation of important educational content e.g books, video, audio etc into more Nigerian languages? The Nigerian education system is very weak and it’s going to take a long time to improve it. There are tons of educational resources online. Examples include the Khan Academy, EDX and so on. Unfortunately – like many educational resources - all of these content in English. How could you use technology to crowd-source and manage the translationof these videos into Nigerian languages?


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Traducir is an application that helps translate different files such as Video, Audio, and E-book from English to other Nigeria local languages, languages such as Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Edo etc.

Its gives an avenue for two major type of users, Firstly people that wants their file to be translated and Secondly those that offer their service to be a TRANSLATOR to translate other peoples files.

The people that wants there file to be translated are called "E-USERS"  and those that translate are called "TRANSLATORS", the E-users and the Translators has the same account but the Translators Gives us more information about themselves to be validated by the platform example "a sample of their works"  , E-users can easily become a translator with one click but they would have to give samples of their work to become a valid Translator on the platform and also to earn.