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PRODUCT SUMMARY: A PLATFORM WHERE STUDENTS AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS CAN ANONYMOUSLY REVIEW SCHOOLS AND THEIR MANAGEMENT The Problem: It is one thing to rant, it is another for us to be clear about what the shared understanding of a ‘good school’ is. Suggested scoring criteria include quality of infrastructure, faculty, effectiveness etc. The solution needs to be able to allow for anonymous reporting of issues e.g sexual harassment, extortion, the method of teachers, trainers, lecturers and must be very practical and easy to scale in Nigeria.


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Solution Description

Edureview is a platform enhancing decision making when it comes to deciding on choices of schools. 

The platform enables people to rate institutions and educational organizations  by giving reviews, recommendation where necessary as well as cons.  


The problem: 

There was no way for intending students so get the opinions of other people concerning an institution he/she has interest in .


Our Solution: 


Our solution, Edureview bridges that gap by collating the general opinions of the public and making it available for everyone. 

We chose this solution because not only would it help in decision making of any potential students but it would also help school authorities see the public opinion of their institutions and attend to the complaints people are laying down through our platform. 

The Goal on the short term is to get a platform running with these features and more so that no school wants a bad reputation on Edureview. Hence, they find ways to curb their excesses. 

The Team has spent sleepless nights and would continue to do so to ensure this comes out as a success.