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PRODUCT SUMMARY: BIRTH SPACING APP The problem: HOW CAN WE USE TECHNOLOGY TO HELP WOMEN WITH BIRTH SPACING? Many women in Nigeria practice birth spacing using contraceptive injections. However, these injections only last for a few months. Many women forget to get their injection regularly and this massively reduces the effectiveness of the contraception. How could you develop a system to ensure that reminds women when they are due for another injection? Also, how could use that system to educate women of the alternatives that are available to them? If we can provide innovative reminders to the women using 3 months injection, we can reduce the number of unwanted pregnancy and as a result, we can also reduce the number of death by unsafe abortion.


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Solution Description

Our solution is a mobile app that uses innovative techniques to provide effective remiders to women on when they are due for another contraceptive injection.

We provide this reminders via three methods; One of which is through the Built-in Alarm and notification feature on SmartPhones.

we are implementing Google's Acivity recognition service to help use machine learning to detect the most effective time to send this reminders based on user's phisical activity e.g when the user is sitting down and actually using the phone.

But since users get lots of notifications everyday from various other apps such a Social Media apps, this technique might not be so effective because reminder notification might get mixed up with other daily streams of notifications.

Due to the shortcoming of the above reminder system,we decided to include other alternatives which are; the  Google Calendar Reminder and SMS/Voice Reminder.

Our app allows user to add a Reminder to their google calendar and when the reminder is due,the user can get reminded from any device on which they have their google account,this includes their Laptops,Smart Watches and Tablets.
This way users don't get restricted just to one device for getting their reminder.

Google Calendar reminder requires internet connection,so decided to add a very effective alternative that wouldn't require user to be connected to the internet before they can get reminders.

That is the SMS and Voice reminder feature, this feature which is built with the help of Twillo's SMS and Voice API,we can send SMS reminders to users and even Automated Voice Calls to remind users when they are due for another contraceptive injection.

Our app doesn't just provide reminders but help these Women prevent complications while using these contraceptives, we help them track their monthly Cycle, Temperature and Feelings to help determine what contraceptive methods would be best for them and also helping them avoid possible edge cases such as taking a contraceptive injection or pill after 2-3 days of seeing their period,which might lead to spotting and several other complications.

We also provide

  • An in-app learning platform where users can learn about Birth control.
  • A Forum where user's can chat and discuss issues related to birth control and family planning with one another.

And lastly, we provide a platform were users can ask our Family Planning and Birth Spacing Chatbot questions related to Birth Control or chose to chat with a real doctor about any complications/seek advice.

Our solution (OvalHealth) is a complete solution to help tackle issues related with Birth Spacing while making Women Health it's top piority.