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Corruption #ENDSARS

PRODUCT SUMMARY: ANTI-CORRUPTION AWARENESS APP The problem: Corruption is rampant in public procurement, in tax and customs collection and in regulatory authorities. Awards of public and private tenders are frequently marred by corruption allegations. How can we make people raise genuine alarm quickly? How can we go beyond the scope of just whistleblowing? How do we objectively bring culprits under proper scrutiny in the courts of informed public opinion? Develop a solution to share actionable anti-corruption information with a variety of stakeholders and empower citizens to help them prevent and speak up about corruption.


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Anti-Corruption Awareness Application

  • We’re taking the Law Enforcement Agencies as a reference (Major Reference)


What is Justice

  • It is the state or characteristics of being just or fair.
  • It is the ideal of fairness, impartiality etc. Especially to regard to the punishment of wrongdoing.


To improve Justice in Nigeria, one of the first places to look would be the law. Because it decides what is Just and what is not.

Since we all agree on that, how about the agencies that enforce these laws: The Police, the Road Safety, the Custom officers at the borders and so on.

Several unjust act done by these individuals cannot be overlooked especially in this part of the world plus they've been ranked to be the most corrupt police force in the world alongside several others from Africa.



To reduce their level of unjustified arrests and killings, this application would request that all law enforcement agents, the police and the rest MUST have a recording device attached to their uniform to record voice conversations.

These audio recordings would later be retrieved for review purposes.

At the end of field work, the device would be retrieved and audio recordings would be transferred to the server for later review purposes.

There would be a review board, so they can listen to the audio recordings and find officers that deviated from their duties.

Now these officers cannot take off these devices, especially when conversing with the citizens.

Citizens would be enlightened to observe that the officer has his recorder on. So it would be acting like a two-point authentication from the citizens and the review board.

This device is one that cannot be tampered with from the time it was activated for the agent to the time it gets returned.

Any tamper on the device would be assumed the officer’s doings and would incur penalty.

It would also flag the officer to be involved in any crime that occurred around that period.



1. I guess we are all aware of the "whatever you say or do would be used against you in the court of law" from our Nollywood movies; well, this is Nigeria and the officer could be lying to keep himself safe. Well this implementation checkmates that.

2. With the implementation of this system, the people are assured of trust whenever they see a police officer knowing fully well that he would be doing his job and nothing other than his job.

3. Very important, if the review board take effective actions; this would be cutting out public bribery in the police system.

4. And it creates room for employment as new staffs would be employed and trained to be on the review board as it would be centralized.

5. This could also lead to the use of CCTVs for better review.


Our current implementation

·         The review board can listen to the audio recording of each officer.

To facilitate search through the audios, we implemented speech to text using Google Cloud Speech-to-Text Service, so that the review board can conveniently search for non-law abiding officers by their conversations using keywords.



With this, I think we can #ENDSARS

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